A cut above

CHON BURI: An enraged lady in Chon Buri’s Banglamung District cut off her partner’s penis at about 2 am on October 18, the second such incident in a month in the same province. The victim, 24-year-old furniture store worker Songram Yospanya, explained that his long-term companion Rungnapa Pongaree, 32, felt uncared for after he took on a “minor wife”. Bootleg should be famous that though the couple didn’t share the identical final title, the victim referred to Rungnapa as his “mia”, or wife, indicating that though they could not have been legally married, she did have sure proprietary rights. “We had an enormous argument in August, and she left home,” he defined. “So, I received a brand new girlfriend named ‘Mine’, who is 20 years previous. I don’t know her last name. On October 16, nonetheless, my wife returned house, so I sent Mine away to reside elsewhere,” he mentioned. Good “make-up sex” has been known to heal over a few of the harshest phrases, grossest infidelities and most unlucky misunderstandings between lovers, however on the night time of October 17, before the couple slept, there apparently was none. It additionally appears that Songram had no intention of breaking off his relationship with Mine, who was some 12 years younger than Rungnapa. “‘If I can’t have it, then no person else can both,’she warned me earlier than we went to sleep,” stated Songram. “But I paid her remark no thoughts.” He should have, for he was awoken at about 2 am by a “feeling of ache between his legs” to find a smiling Rungnapa standing above him with a bloody 18-centimeter knife. She later packed some garments and made her getaway. For most males, how they might react to having their penis minimize off remains – quite fortunately – within the realm of concept. But most probably wouldn’t behave in fairly the identical way as younger Songram, who neither screamed out in pain nor referred to as for help. He simply stayed in mattress, feeling ashamed. There he remained until a good friend stopped by after daybreak the next morning and helped him to the Banglamung Hospital. Unfortunately, they forgot to take the severed organ with

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