Illegal logging crackdown: Two men arrested and valuable timber seized in Chiang Mai park

In a continuous crackdown on illegal logging, officers from Sri Lanna National Park in Chiang Mai arrested two males and seized useful processed timber. It is part of broader efforts to deal with crimes towards forest resources and wildlife. Additionally, a hunt is underway for four other men allegedly involved within the unlawful activities.
The order for this intensified action was given by Acting Director Athaphon Charoenchansa, in command of the Department for Marine and Coastal Resources. He delegated the duty to Anan Kunnil, Head of the Sri Lanna National Park, and his inspection officials to hold out steady patrol routines within the park.
During a routine patrol, the officials found a group of men cutting down bushes with chainsaws near Doi Tham Muang in the space of Ban Pang Daeng, Moo 9, Chiang Dao sub-district, Chiang Dao district, Chiang Mai province. Two males were apprehended whereas four others managed to evade the officers as a end result of their familiarity with the terrain. However, the arrested individuals might identify the fleeing suspects, reported KhaoSod.
According to in association with troopers from the 13th Ranger Forces Regiment, Kamphaengset Army Camp (Pang Makhong Checkpoint) inspected the scene. They seized the processed Padauk (a valuable hardwood species) logs amounting to zero.eighty three cubic metres, costing fifty eight,a hundred baht (US$1,710) to the state. They also confiscated four chainsaws, a knife, an axe, a motorcycle, and a pockets.
Such offences are towards forestry regulation and hence the arrested people, along with the confiscated objects and illegally felled logs, were handed over to the inquiry officers on the Chiang Dao Provincial Police Station in Chiang Mai, for additional authorized proceedings and to broaden investigations to apprehend the remaining suspects..

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