Oriental dollarbird falls from the sky in Bangkok as a result of suspected PM2.5 poisoning

A sick Oriental dollarbird fell from Bangkok‘s polluted sky near Lumpini Park on Wednesday. Light examined the chook to seek out that it was affected by severe pneumonia in each lungs. They suspected it was attributable to PM2.5 dust air pollution poisoning.
Kaset Sudecha, a veterinarian from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at Kasetsart University, posted a photo of the fowl on Facebook on Wednesday, explaining that air air pollution attributable to PM2.5 mud particles affects all types of life.
For example, the Oriental dollarbird is a beautiful, vibrant, distinctive migratory fowl found within the wild from Australia to Japan to India. In Thailand, this fowl could be found in all areas and infrequently migrates over Bangkok, stated the vet.
On Wednesday, an Oriental dollarbird fell from the sky and landed in entrance of a house close to Lumpini Park in central Bangkok. It was unwell however nonetheless alive. A kind person picked it up and took it to the vet.
Radiographic imaging revealed that the chook didn’t suffer any damaged bones within the fall however was affected by severe pneumonia – or lung inflammation – in each of its tiny lungs, which is more than likely the reason it turned weak and fell, stated the vet.
Due to inhaling PM2.5 mud particulates within the air, “this chook would have suffered from sore eyes, throat and shortness of breath till its oxygen levels decreased, causing it to turn out to be dizzy, faint and fall from the sky,” mentioned the vet.
“People will endure the very same symptoms,” the vet warned. “This is an indicator of the standard of air within the city,” he added. It’s a wake-up call from nature.
The vet stated that human activity is the cause of PM2.5 air pollution and will come again to humans. Smaller creatures shall be affected first, and can present us the signs brought on by pollution poisoning, he said.
“I’d prefer to ship a stern warning to the general public sector, non-public sector and the inhabitants – please turn your attention to the environmental problems around you and help to fix them as a lot as you presumably can.”
“Please, as a end result of nature has given us a transparent warning.”
Replicate , Bangkok’s air high quality index (AQI) is deemed “unhealthy.”
If you reside in an area affected by PM2.5 pollution, it is strongly recommended to put on an N95 mask outdoor, avoid exercising outside, keep your windows closed and use an air purifier at residence..

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