Sensata Technologies provides predictive upkeep for rotary gear to IQ Platform

Sensata Technologies proclaims the launch of a model new asset monitoring resolution that enables predictive upkeep for rotary belongings and delivers actionable insights to plant managers.
Unplanned downtime associated to motors, pumps, and different rotating assets prices plants tens of millions of dollars in manufacturing yearly. But existing solutions do not provide the real-time insights plant managers want to actually monitor their assets.
The new wireless 6VW sequence IoT sensor delivers insights by way of the Sensata IQ platform and can simultaneously monitor each asset utilizing six sensing modalities – vibration, temperature, acoustic emission, speed, humidity, and magnetic flux. The sensors are designed for easy retrofit into a broad range of existing rotary belongings – such as motors, pumps, blowers, fans, or compressors – regardless of brand or manufacturer with no changes wanted to the company’s hardware or management platforms. The 6VW sensor collection is an easy-to-use, self-install resolution with a cellular app for device configuration, making setup and installation possible in less than 5 minutes.
Using pressure gauge วัด แรง ดัน น้ำ -driven algorithms explicitly designed for rotary assets by Nanoprecise, a Sensata know-how companion, information from the sensor is analyzed on the edge for anomalies and then pushed to the Sensata IQ cloud-based platform for additional evaluation and knowledge visualization.
ขนาดpressuregauge uses the data to determine potential faults, calculate the asset’s projected remaining helpful life and ship alerts to plant managers on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. The deep predictive upkeep evaluation capabilities assist plant managers rely much less on handbook walkarounds and better understand the health of their property.
“The partnership with Sensata Technologies has been an amazing success for each parties,” says Sunil Vedula, Founder and CEO of Nanoprecise. “Together, we know that our AI-powered solutions will help change the greatest way plant managers across the globe monitor their rotary belongings.”
Sensata is collaborating with expertise companies such as Nanoprecise to develop complete options for belongings which are rarely monitored due to value and complexity. Adding Nanoprecise’s know-how to the Sensata IQ platform allows upkeep teams to make confident selections and simplify upkeep applications throughout rotary belongings with information that may be trusted and accessed wherever, anytime.
“Sensata IQ is raising the bar in monitoring industrial property, with dependable options that allow operators to easily enhance productivity. This intuitive predictive upkeep resolution, powered by Nanoprecise, allows plant operators to realize deep machine well being insights on rotary belongings in a simple way. Our mission is to make asset monitoring more accessible and this solution supports that mission.” says Naoto Mizuta, Vice President of Industrial at Sensata Technologies.

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