Thai man attacks friend with knife over pawned cell phone dispute in East Thailand

The quiet neighborhood of Sri Racha was shaken when a resident took drastic motion after a supposed denial of entry to his mobile phone. A man yesterday reportedly launched a extreme assault on his pal with a knife after he refused to provide him a pawned cell phone.
The violent episode unfolded at Pruksachat Villa 2 Village, a peaceful neighbourhood in Sri Racha, located in Chon Buri. Promptly alerted by distressed locals, a rescue team led by medical personnel hastily mobilised towards the alarming scene, where they feared encountering severe injuries.
Upon arrival, these fears have been realised. No nonsense discovered a forty five yr previous man, Thongchai Phitaksin, in dire want of medical attention. Thongchai sustained two grievous knife wounds, one to his head, and another to his again. Meanwhile, the village was rife with eyewitnesses that converged on the police, urgently providing them with the identity of the suspect, 39 year previous native man Nopporn Tamarit, reported The Pattaya News.
Nopporn, a supposed close good friend of Thongchai, was apprehended not too far from the crime scene, appearing on the insightful information from the eyewitnesses. The arrest attempt was lower than tranquil.
Nopporn was reportedly belligerent, wielding a protracted knife in a wild trend as he aimed to resist the police. Faced with this escalating menace, officers expertly deployed a Taser gun to deliver Nopporn’s violent spree to a halt.
Suwinnai Budwat, a relative of Nopporn, offered some context to the surprising incident. Nopporn’s rampage was apparently triggered by the refusal of Thongchai to return a cell phone. Nopporn beforehand pawned his mobile phone to Thongchai in trade for 600 baht (US$18). When he had gone to request the return of his cellphone, Thongchai allegedly refused, leading Nopporn into a state of frustration that culminated within the assault..

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