Cigarette brand mockery results in knife assault in Samut Prakan

A heated dispute escalated into a knife assault last night, involving two males in the Bang Sao Thong district, Samut Prakan province, following a jest a couple of brand of cigarettes. Incredibly arrived on the scene following the incident.
The instigator, recognized only as 37 year outdated Tadphon, was discovered with an almost 10-centimetre long knife wound to his head. Meanwhile, 41 year outdated Somchai, the person accused of the stabbing, was taken into custody by the native police, having suffered minor injuries to his left wrist. A 29 year old witness, identified as Rattanaphon, explained the scenario to the police.
Rattanaphon said that the disagreement originated from Tadphon’s uninvited mockery of Somchai’s alternative of cigarettes while each were in a close-by store. Somchai remained silent in the course of the mockery, only expressing his disgruntlement when Tadphon made enjoyable of his choice of ‘green’ cigarettes, a cooler variant, implying that Somchai was not courageous. An angered Somchai subsequently retreated to his room, retrieved a knife, and returned to bodily interact with Tadphon, throughout which the knife was used, reported KhaoSod.
Somchai’s aunt, who didn’t want to be named, added that her nephew was often peaceful and barely initiated conflicts. She further stated that Somchai informed her of the verbal abuse he had acquired, main him to retrieve the knife to settle the argument. Piqued by the insults, he ran again to his room, grabbed a knife, and determined to face up for himself.
On his half, Somchai insisted that he merely supposed to purchase cigarettes, and was unexpectedly taunted by Tadphon, who he claims he didn’t know prior to the incident. He added that the barrage of insults denigrating him and his household led him to the brink, triggering the unfortunate event..

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