Restaurant proprietor confronts adverse reviewer at their home

Following a web-based uproar when a restaurant proprietor confronted a buyer who had left a adverse review, the proprietor herself sought to make clear occasions. She states she did not intend to cause distress but quite to know the customer’s complaints.
The proprietor recognized solely as Tum elaborated on what occurred concerning the negative evaluation. The buyer accused the unnamed Thai restaurant of underserving, and Tum claimed this immediately result in a drop in clients and income loss.
Bad reviews online are inevitable, as keyboard warriors hurl complaints they wouldn’t dare say to the business owner’s face. But the disgruntled proprietor took it personally and went to the adverse reviewer’s home to confront him.
Tum admitted that while visiting the customer’s house seems unorthodox and method excessive, their main intention was not hostile. Tum sought only to have a correct dialog to know the customer’s dissatisfaction.
Tum additional explained how the negative evaluate had prompted suspicion concerning the credibility of the restaurant. Business operations had been running normally, with no reductions in serving portion sizes. But the negative evaluation turned people away from eating at the restaurant
Several attempts had been made by the restaurant owner to contact the shopper who left the unfavorable evaluate, but they did not reply, main Tum to trace down the customer’s tackle indirectly, reported KhaoSod.
Contrary to widespread reporting, Tum clarified that the customer’s address was ascertained by retracing supply routes and not by questioning delivery riders.
After the home visit, a post was made confirming the client was genuine, citing differences between the actual dialog and a post by a relative on a client review page. Steal maintains the dialog on the customer’s house was cordial, involving no threats or disturbances and ended with a handshake and apology from the customer’s aunt..

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